Computer Programming Jokes 2019


In this article, we provide the best collection of Funny Computer Programming Jokes.

  • Browsing the web as a developer is a horrible experience, fully aware that most websites are a flimsily arranged mess of divs and spans, duct-taped together with hastily written javascript.
  • ‘align-items’ and ‘justify-content’ is the CSS equivalent of plugging in a USB device. It always takes three tries to get it right.
  • Client: we want the ad on top of the content me: what about the newsletter pop up? client: yes, we want that on top me: what about the ad? client: yes, we want that on top.
  • 1998: I’m worried about my kid, he’s spending 4 hours a day watching TV. 2019: I’m worried about my kid, he’s spending 12 hours a day on his smartphone. 2028: I’m worried about my kid, I’ve not seen him for days and Alexa has started calling me dad.
  • The human mind ordinarily operates at only ten 10% of its capacity, the rest is overhead for the operating system.
  • “Virtual” means never knowing where your next byte is coming from.
  • Java and C were telling jokes. It was C’s turn, so he writes something on the wall, points to it and says “Do you get the reference?” But Java didn’t.
  • A programmer puts two glasses on his bedside table before going to sleep. A full one, in case he gets thirsty, and an empty one, in case he doesn’t.

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