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A junior developer panicked when he realized he didn’t know how to initiate a secure shell session to a remote machine. As he became more upset and his voice grew louder, his boss — the senior developer — took notice and tried to quiet him down. With his finger pressed to the young developer’s lips, the senior developer calmly whispered, “SSH.”

Q: Why was the iOS developer always so sleepy?
A: She wasn’t given any Java.

Q: Why was the web developer fired from his job?
A: He was getting too Sassy.

Q: Why did the developer stay home from work?
A: She had a code!

What was the web developer arrested for? He consumed too much Java and started Flashing everything and everyone. Not only that, when he was arrested, he insulted the police, yelling “What the HTML!” They just read him the standard PHP script, arrayed him, and pushed him into a cell. He popped up later in court where the judge emptied his stack.

Niklaus Wirth, development educator, was once asked, “Is your name ‘Virt,’ or ‘Worth?’” He responded, “If by reference, ‘Virt;’ if by value, ‘Worth.’”

Hey Girl,
You are like poorly designed parallel code because you generate a race condition in my heart whenever I see you.♥


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web developer humor
web developer humor

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